Nectar says “Thank you”

Interactive hub

Nectar created the “Thanks a million” campaign to increase customer engagement and strengthen brand loyalty. Central to the campaign was an online destination (interactive hub) serving different types of content: a campaign video, “Play-for-points” incentive game, a competition, Twitter feed and a social ‘thankyou’ message board. I worked on the UX and visual design ensuring the hub was easily accessible when at home or on the move, for maximum customer engagement.

CLIENT: Nectar (Created at The Crocodile)
INVOLVEMENT: UX, Visual design, Responsive HTML emails

Nectar – Interactive Hub wireframes
Nectar – Hub homepage

The innovative ‘thankyou’ board encouraged people to send a message of thanks to family, friends or colleagues, and then share them via social channels. The message board generated a wealth of social interaction reflected by the thousands of messages that were sent and shared during the campaign period.

Nectar – Say 'Thanks a million' message board

User Journey: The user posts a ‘thank you card’ and chooses to share the message with the recipient via Facebook, Twitter or Email. Recipients receive their personalised message through a unique link and are then encouraged to post their own message.

Nectar – Responsive HTML campaign emails

Alongside the campaign I built multiple responsive emails that included Nectar partner bonus offers to send out during the campaign period.